4K Pony Project
Thanks to the fun hobby of Hasbro's Asset Manager, we have almost full sources for 10 pony episodes and partial sources for another 3. That means we could remaster them in native 4K! I created a toolkit to automate the process: check it out on GitHub!
The Currect Status
Prod. ID Broad. ID Name Status Source Last update Comment
#214 S02E14 "The Last Roundup" Finished Partial 2019.11.03 only FLA
#422 S04E21 "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3" Pending Complete 2019.11.17 Toolkit patched for
#506 S05E06 "Appleoosa's Most Wanted" Pending Complete
#509 S05E09 "Slice of Life" In progress Complete 2020.01.05 YayPonies did major part
#624 S06E24 "Top Bolt" Pending Complete
#713 S07E13 "The Perfect Pear" Finished Complete 2019.11.13
#813 S08E13 "The Mean 6" Pending Complete
#819 S08E19 "Road to Friendship" Not planned Partial only FLA
#823 S08E23 "Sounds of Silence" Finished Complete 2020.01.05
#922 S09E22 "Growing Up is Hard to Do" Pending Complete
#924 S09E24 "The Ending of The End" (Part 1) Not planned Complete Not much sense without the second part
#925 S09E25 "The Ending of The End" (Part 2) Not planned Partial Interrupted download
4K Pony Episodes
"The Last Roundup"
S02E14 "The Last Roundup"
Video Files: h264 QD h264 (Coming soon!) h265/HEVC (Coming soon!)
Project Files: Layout (Coming soon!) Full (Coming soon!)
As this episode had only Flash sources available, many minor post-FX are missing, though I replicated all the major ones as good as I could. Another problem was Derpy censoring: Flash scenes were new, so Derpy was censored in them. I had to manually restore the original version.
"The Perfect Pear"
S07E13 "The Perfect Pear"
Video Files: h264 h265/HEVC
Project Files: Layout (Coming soon!) Full (Coming soon!)
"Sounds of Silence"
S08E23 "Sounds of Silence"
Video Files: h264 h265/HEVC (Coming soon!)
Project Files: Layout Full (Coming soon!)
This time I recreated the credits in 4K.
"Sounds of Silence" (Crisp Nirik Edition)
S08E23 "Sounds of Silence" (Crisp Nirik Edition)
Video Files: h264 (Coming soon!) h265/HEVC (Coming soon!)
Project Files: Layout (Coming soon!) Full (Coming soon!)
A version of episode without blur effects on nirik flames. Click on thumbnail to compare (Left - this version, right - normal version).
Special thanks:
Bighckintosh for getting the sources.
SandPox for providing horsepowers for the 713.
Rainboom Dash for waifu2x-ing the 713 intro.
YayPonies discord for support.
YayPonies himself for volunteering 509.
/mlp/ Fanfiction Guild discord for nice company 💛
Everyone who watched it.
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